Arizona is a Birther

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Arizona never seems to amaze me on the shit they do.  Their new bill (Birther Bill) shows how desperate Republicans are to find any way to win the presidency in 2012.  I understand the anyone running for office has to be an American citizen.  That was proven in 2008 election.  Hawaii has state that President Obama is an American citizen but there are dumb asses everywhere.

Here is Crazy!!!!!


F**king Fa**t!

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Kobe Bryant wants everyone to know that he didn’t mean it that way.  What’s the big deal everyone.  He was mad and when your mad you can say whatever you want.  Duh.  Kobe sodomized a female against her will.  Didn’t know he was fan of name calling and anal play.

What is Social Gonzo?

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Social Gonzo is my place on the web to talk about things that interest me, make me happy, piss me off, laugh at, yell at and debate.  My name is Patrick and I am a father, son, brother, health nut and liberal (scary word).  I am a Democrat but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything Democrats do or vote for.  I am pro women which mean pro-choice.  I can’t and wont make a decision that should be done by someone, their family and medical doctor.  I don’t believe in the Bible.   The contradictions are too much and too many to be the word of God.  I have read the Bible but maybe not they way you have.  I didn’t read it like a book, from cover to cover.  I read the New Testament by picking the different events from the 4 gospels.  I will get more into this at a later date.  For more information read Bart D. Ehrman’s book “Jesus Interrupted“.

I did vote for President Obama in 2008 and plan to vote for him in 2012.  I hope Donald Trump runs for President in 2012.  He is a dip shit and full of hot air.

Anyway, I hope to have a place where I am right and your wrong.  Or your right but I know your wrong.  I like to think I see both sides of issues and can make an educated decision.  Or I flip a coin and call it right.

Hello world!

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